AliWood Warranty

AliWood Pty Ltd warranties for life its alloy against warping, splitting, cracking, rotting, splintering and rusting.

AliWood grain is an AliWood application covered by a  Limited 10 year warranty. Terms and conditions apply as laid out in the warranty. The AliWood warranty can be extended to 15 years for Soffit Linings or Ceiling areas that are not exposed to direct sunlight.

Over our 10 year limited warranty period, AliWood reserves the right to repair or replace at its discretion, any portion of the material purchased which shows signs of manufactures defects beyond normal wear and tear with no cost to the purchaser excluding freight and on site labour costs.

All warranties are subject to the terms and conditions noted within.

AliWood does not warrant against any design or installation of materials used for load bearing, undercarriage , support structures, or other materials by others for construction and installation of Aliwood causing movement and subsequent damage to Aliwood or utilising Aliwood where it does not adhere to local building or council building codes.

AliWood does not cover damage to its wood grain or powder coat surfaces due to milling, sawing, and drilling, bending, elongation.

AliWood is a DIY product and does not require an approved applicator to install. Suitable knowledge or inquiry from a licensed tradesman is recommended.

Colour variation may occur and is not deemed a fault or warrantable point. Colour variances may occur due to a volume order and differing delivery dates. Such as normal hardwoods, timber grain colour varies. In AliWood thermal imaging this is due to the density of the grain in the transfer paper, allowing penetration of a base colour to vary the finished look. AliWood is true like timber in this respect.

This warranty does not cover any damage or material failure due to but not limited to normal weathering of product, normal wear, staining of product surface, accidental or intentional damage, damage by hail, fire, flood, lightning, wind, flying objects, earth quake or other acts of God, chemical pollutants, neglectful maintenance, reasonable fading, misuse or abuse, excessive heat temperature differentials, modifications or alterations in any manner what so ever.

AliWood reserves the right to determine in its own discretion whether or not a defect exists for which a claim may exist.

AliWood is not responsible for ancillary products or components attached to AliWood product and will not be responsible for any costs relating to “other product” or labour costs involved.



Warranty Registration

  • All products should be registered upon purchase of an order. Purchaser is required to send in  their invoice documentation for the registration of their product. Email:
  • Purchaser must retain the original receipt outlining the product purchased and its cost from the authorised AliWood reseller. The original receipt is required for any claim to validate the purchase of AliWood and the supplier.
  • Both the purchaser and the supplier & delivery address of AliWood must be substantiated as true and correct otherwise this warranty and any claim against Aliwood Pty Ltd in its entirety are void.
  • This limited warranty is between and shall remain between the original purchaser and AliWood.
  • The warranty is not transferable.
  • Should an inquiry for warranty be sought, you should consult the business you purchased the AliWood from for your claim to be processed.

Claim Registration

  • The purchaser shall be responsible to contact there local authorised dealer, re seller, or retailer from where they purchased the AliWood to request an inspection of the product. If the local dealer is not available AliWood or its state distributor may be contacted on 1300 254 966. AliWood Pty Ltd is not responsible for any indirect sales.
  • All incidental and consequential damages are also excluded from any claim. In no event will the replacement of AliWood under any claim be greater than the existing purchase cost of the Aliwood product claimed under a warranty.

The customer assumes all risk and liability associated with the construction, installation of the product. The customer and or its contractor should take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of everyone involved in there project including but not limited to, transportation of Aliwood, wearing of appropriate safety equipment. There are no other warranties which extend beyond this document. AliWood reserves the right to modify its warranty if required.

Product Care

  • Harsh abrasives and acid cleansers, paint thinners, alcohol based cleaners should be avoided, they are harmful to the finish of AliWood and may discolour the finish.
  • Soapy water with soft rag/brush is all that is required to maintain the finish. AliWood should be washed several times per year, more frequently depending on the location to the sea.
  • Contaminants such as oil, grease, oxidisation or other contaminants should be removed when necessary.

Alloys used are manufactured to Australian Standards for the intended purpose at the time of manufacture.

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